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Here at Renovating U

We are passionate about seeing women live in their God-given purpose and calling. 

We know that there is a struggle for many when it comes to the intersection of our faith and our mind. If our minds are off course so are our thoughts, actions, attitudes and behaviors.  

Unfortunately, none of us is immune to the battle that is raging in our mind.  Because of this ongoing struggle and the fact that many of us are women of faith, we can find this frustrating, confusing and STUCK as the thought “Something must be wrong with me” begins to invade your life! 

At Renovating U, we exist to help you get unstuck in life as you begin to uncover your identity in Christ that has been under attack. 

We are here to encourage you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Here you’ll find a judgment free, like-minded community whose goal is to help you grow in all areas of your humanness: your body, soul and spirit. 

Collectively we have decades of life experiences that have culminated to this point in our journey. We come alongside you as we have shared similar experiences that although different, still have carried the lingering weight of disappointment. 

We have seen the transformation in others over the years in ministry but most importantly this work had to begin in us first! You will glean from the overflow of what God has done in us.


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As a part of our community you can expect to establish healthier relationships and a healthier thought life as you begin to awaken to who God has created you to be. You will begin to uncover the gifts, talents and capabilities within you!  You will experience lasting transformation as you walk through life with a new identity and belief system rooted in TRUTH! 

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