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You’ll always be in a non-judgmental community that is there for you, understands you, and is ready to help you. You will regain your hope and know that it is never too late to change.


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Love notes from our amazing clients

Renovating U has transformed our lives and our marriage. In the beginning I knew I had some seriously deep wounds and these wounds affected me individually as well as our marriage. I asked my husband to attend Renovating U classes with me since I was new to the church. I wanted him to “support me." He reluctantly obliged. Once in the class we both started to learn things about ourselves that we had often chalk up as "that's just who I am." God was showing both of us many things about ourselves. My husband was no longer attending just to "support me." Often men do not want to admit their need for inner healing. Things began coming up in both of us that we had never shared with one another, or anyone for that matter. As time passed, we continued to learn about ourselves, and others. We both gained the tools to deal and talk to one another. We now have far more compassion for each other and those that are hurting as well. We are currently in our third class can and are learning something new every time. Though our marriage is still a work in progress, we have been able to identify the triggers and can correct it before we tailspin into a heated argument. The Renovating U team is so compassionate and we felt so comfortable opening up to them and sharing our stories. God doesn't want us to carry the baggage of life hurts. We have gained so much from these classes including deep friendships.
-Larry and Michell O'Neal
Before my good friend invited me to the Renovating u class I was a hot mess. I had recently surrendered my life to Jesus and I assumed all my mess would be cleaned up immediately! I didn’t know that my healing would take work and effort. I had to do the work for myself but not by myself. The leaders helped me identify my problems as well as supported me along the way! I identified that what had happened in my childhood was neither okay or my fault. I identified all the lies and beliefs I had created which led me behaving in reckless ways throughout my life. I am not proud of many of my behaviors and decisions but am also no longer living in shame. I learned how to change my way of thinking about myself and others and now know that it is a process. I have learned how to completely forgive, identify my triggers and speak truth to myself in order to change my way of thinking. I know it all takes time but I'm working at it and plan on conquering it! None of this would have been possible without this class! I am so thankful to God for placing Denise and Beth in my life. Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart. I know now who I am as well as my worth. I will continue to seek my healing so that ultimately I can fulfill God's purpose for my life.
-Eugenia Leal