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Anger the Emotional Fusebox

Hello again Renovators, thanks for joining with us again! We're back after our short break, thanks so much for checking in with us! A fusebox is one of the integral parts of our home but if it gets out of control or is improperly installed, it can quickly become a nuisance and even a danger. Our anger is a lot like that and in today's podcast, we do do our best to unpack this often high voltage emotion. 

Foundations: Inspecting Under the House

Hello again renovators! We are back with another episode in our emotional house series. So far we've talked about the front of the house, which is probably the most visible part of us. However what about the stuff hidden beneath the house, even below the basement levels? In today's podcast, we'll be discussing foundations and everything found within them. This part of ourselves might have gone unexplored for many years, but it is more than worth surveying.

A Basket of Silk Flowers

Hey there Renovators, welcome back to another chapter of our emotional house series. In today's podcast, we'll be discussing the front of our house. The front of the house is the very first thing that we often see and many of us make our judgments of people and what they'll be like based on that. For that reason, many of us have done our best to use that as a method of changing or altering peoples' perceptions of who or what we'll be like. Join us today as we unpack and get real with who we are underneath the false realities that we often create.

To Renovate or Not, That Is the Question

Hello again Renovators! We're excited to announce that we will be starting a new series: The Emotional House. In the same way that we renovate a house, we can also renovate our minds and emotions. However just like anyone who has ever embarked on a house project knows, it's not always as easy as we first think. Many of us also often feel unsure of where to start and the entire process can often seem overwhelming. In today's podcast, we'll be introducing this new series and talking all about the emotional house. We've been dreaming of doing this topic since the beginning, so stick around and help us to start touring and renovating, our emotional house.

Masks, Cycles and More! ft Mark DeJesus

Hello again Renovators! We had so much fun in our last podcast with Mark DeJesus that we lost track of time and ended up with an extra long podcast! Thankfully we'd only managed to talk about the first part of his book so we decided to dive even further into the topic of the rejection mindset.