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The Path of Rejection ft. Mark DeJesus

Hello again Renovators, it's great to be back once again! We've talked  many times about the honestly horrific effects of rejection and how it can worm itself into every corner of our lives. Even though we know that we have experienced it, it can still be a struggle to properly identify rejection's role in our story and to properly appreciate just how strong it's influence can be. Today's special guest Mark DeJesus is here to take us through his book “Exposing the Rejection Mindset.” In his book, Mark explains not only what rejection is but how it manifests itself in our lives and how it can become a self fulfilling cycle if left unchecked. 

Entering the Unknown… Yikes!

Hello again Renovators! Today we are wrapping up our three part season over transitioning. In our last two podcasts, we examined the joys and difficulties of exiting a season and discussed the period of examination that comes afterwards. While not always pleasant, they're subjects that people generally feel at least somewhat competent in tackling. However, what happens when we go into the new? It can be overwhelming to say the least! In today's podcast we'll be discussing this new realm of possibility and the four D's that you'll encounter along the way. We pray that this entire journey has been helpful!

Caught Midair

Hello again Renovators! Today we continue our series over transitions. In a perfect world, the moment that we end something, we'd be able to immediately start a new activity without any hiccups or upsets. Unfortunately, life rarely has us in situations where this is the case and many of us find ourselves scrambling in the “in between season.” In today's episode we discuss what this season can be like and we give some tips over how to best navigate through it so that we are prepared for our next stage in life.

The Stirring of Change

Hey Renovators, we are so excited to be back! Things are going to  be looking a bit different but we are happily embracing the change as we enter a new season. The next few podcasts are going to be all about transition. Transitioning into new areas of life isn't always a clean and easy process and today's episode explores the first step, ending a season. Many of us can get stuck in the process of doing this and hopefully you find today's discussion to be helpful as you make decisions in your own life.