Pushing Past The Performance Mindset

Did you know if you Base your self-worth on how well you are performing for the day it is a recipe for disaster. That foundation will crumble underneath you! Performance based living will condition you to be a constant doer. You will only do, without knowing how to just be.

The healing and freedom process begins with establishing a new source for affirmation and worth.
How do you gain a sense of validation? 

What gives you your sense of worth?

In Today’s episode we talk to Beth about a lie that she believed about herself which is “I am only as good as I perform” This false identity left her always striving to do more and be more which left her empty and exhausted! Fortunately the story doesn’t end there. Beth learned how to identify, confront and conquer this lie. Listen in and hear how God restored her performance identity as she partnered with Him in her healing.

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