The Secret to Building Hope

Hopelessness results from the consequence of an inaccurate belief system. Have you ever believed the lie that tells you “there is no hope!” If you have, you’ve been deceived! 

Truth is transformational. It has the power to make you free! Lies have an opposite detrimental effect. How do you know that your perception of reality is inaccurate? How do you know that what you believe is not true….because you are not free! It can be just that simple.

Accurate believing produces joy and peace and an abundance of hope. Acknowledging the truth is not sufficient to bring freedom; the truth you believe is the only truth that liberates you. In some cases you may have your facts straight but still be bound. Jesus warned, take heed how you hear (Luke 8:18). If you have drawn inaccurate conclusions, you “heard wrong.” Allow the Holy Spirit to interpret reality for you.

What has to happen in order for us to begin to be hopeful? We have to step out of the victim mentality that has us held in bondage and begin to get curious about what we are really thinking about and begin to believe the truth about who God says He is in our life!

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